Copper Roofing Benefits

The many Copper Roofing Benefits make Copper Roofing a flexible and long-lasting roofing material.  Copper Roofing has been one of the oldest metals used in roofing. Metallurgy improvements over the centuries has bought copper roofing into the mainstream for both residential and commercial customers as a natural building material. Around the world, some the worlds most well-known buildings have copper roofing features especially in churches and domed Copper Roofing features. With a dedicated metal workshop and a team of expert metal craftsman, Alpine Sheet Metal Systems Install Copper Roofing Systems throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth Metro Area.

Copper roofs are a practical and architecturally stunning feature of any building. Copper is one of the longest-lasting roofing materials you can install. The skilled craftsmen at Alpine Sheet Metal Systems Craftsmen can easily form it into a wide variety of complex and complicated architectural shapes.  Copper’s unique beauty lies in its aging process. What you see as copper ages from its shiny new look through its oxidization phases that give copper roofing and architectural features a unique patina.

Dallas Copper Roofing Benefits
Dallas Copper Roofing Features

Copper Roofing Benefits and Features

  • The architectural appeal of Copper Roofing is a primary benefit. Copper roofs are elegant, and there is no other way to complement certain architectural styles than blending copper roof shingles or seamless panels with a specific design.
  • Durability Unlike other roofing materials, Copper Roofing actually improves with age. As a Copper Roofing system ages, it gains a protective patina unline other roofing materials this actually adds to the protective nature of the roofing material.
  • Cost-effectiveness is a proven, long-term benefit. While a copper roof costs more initially a copper roofing system that is properly installed can last well over 100 years where other roofing systems have to get replaced.
  • Low maintenance A copper roofing system does not require regular maintenance.
  • Antimicrobial qualities Copper Roofing naturally resists fungus and bacteria, they are mold and rot free which makes keeping them clean easy. Under most conditions rain is sufficient to clean away andy dirt. natural qualities that resist fungus and bacteria growth. Copper roofs are mold- and rot-free, which makes them easier to keep clean.
  • Lightweight A copper roofing system is lightweight which cuts down on the total weight of the roof allowing for a lighter roofing structural system.
  • Lower thermal Copper has a high heat threshold, there is minimal expansion and contraction when the roof goes through hot and cold cycles. This puts less tension of the roof.
  • Fireproofing A Copper Roofing system has an A+ Fire Rating
  • Natural and recyclable A Copper Roof will outlast virtually every other building product. Even at the end of the life of a copper roof, it is 100% recyclable.

In Dallas, Alpine Sheet Metal Systems are your copper roofing installation and fabrication experts. We install and fabricate Copper Roofing, Decorative Copper Features or Copper Guttering Needs.