Metal Roofing Benefits

Alpine Sheet Metal Systems understand the many Metal Roofing Benefits. From strength, durability and energy savings metal roofing is a great roofing solution.

With more than 100 years of combined experience, Alpine Sheet Metal Systems understand the benefits of a metal roofing system. The principal metal roofing benefits are in relation to its longevity. Manufacturers routinely offer 50-year warranties and even lifetime, warranties. A metal roof in comparison to an asphalt shingle will last two to four times longer saving the cost of re-roofing. By avoiding one or two re-roofing jobs during the life of the metal roof, you will more than offset the higher initial cost. This will also save on insurance premiums. Near-term, a new metal roof recoups a bit more of its installation cost upon home resale than a new asphalt roof.

In years past, a metal roof was limited to traditional standing seam metal roofing and was more often limited to industrial, commercial or farm application in barns or farmhouses. Today’s advances in metal roofing offer customers a wide variety of colors and architectural styles from the clean modern look to traditional Mediterranean style to even a wood look today’s metal roofing can do it all. Metal roofing tiles are installed much like traditional asphalt shingles but offer superior longevity, strength and weather resistance making them a perfect choice for the harsh Dallas weather conditions.

Metal Roofing Benifits

Metal Roofing Design Options 

Does your customer want their house to look like a Tuscan villa, but needs barrel tile that will stand up to a hail storm? There’s metal roofing for that. Does your customer want the charm of wooden shake without the threat of algae and moss? There’s metal roofing for that. From wood to clay to stone, there are metal roofing options that offer traditional looks with the strength and benefits of metal. Today cutting-edge technology can give you a lightweight metal tile that is stone covered for weather protection. This gives you the strength of steel, the design look that you are looking for and the durability that will outlast every other roofing type.

Metal Roofing Energy Savings

Metal Roofing Tax Credits, metal roofing benifitsAmericans spend $22 billion a year on air conditioning, mostly to cool their homes during the hotter months. Metal roofing comes in colors that can reflect solar radiant heat, lowering surface roof temperatures by as much as 50 to 70 F, and leading to significant energy savings over time. A metal roof is a great option for consumers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint (and their air conditioning bill. There is also currently an energy star tax saving

Metal Roofing Impact/wind resistance

One of the most common reasons people replace their roof sooner than anticipated is hail damage. Metal roofing can stand up to hail, hurricane-force winds, lightning and other weather extremes.

Metal Roofing Sustainability

Metal roofing is among the most sustainable roofing materials available today. Some metal roofs are 100 percent recyclable, leading to less waste when repair or replacement is necessary. For consumers who have moved away from a disposable mindset, a metal roof is a responsible choice.

Lower premiums and stronger warranties

Metal roofs, unlike wood shakes, are a good match against extreme weather and even wildfires. Thus, metal roofs typically cost less to insure. Manufacturers and installers often offer extended warranties on metal roofs due to their longevity. A metal roof is an investment, but one that homeowners will appreciate years down the road. As the options of metal roofing grow, the opportunity for installers will grow in kind.

Call the Metal Roofing Craftsman at Alpine Sheet Metal Systems for a detailed design consultation. We will not only explain all the strengths and metal roofing benefits but craft a solution that will not only meet but exceed your expectations.