Roll Formed Roofing

Dallas Texas Alpine Sheet Metal Systems is an Industry Leader in Roll Formed Roofing and Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems.  Roll Formed Standing Seam Metal Roofing has been used by Metal Roofing Contractors for decades and is gaining in Popularity among Residential Metal Roofing and Commercial Metal Roofing customers.  Metal Roofing is a Wise Investment due to its Durability, Energy Efficiency, Style Versatility and Environmentally Friendly (Recyclable) qualities.  

Roll Formed Roofing is a Metal Roofing System featuring Vertical Metal Panels running from the ridge of the Roof all the way down to the Eaves. These Panels can be Rolled onsite or in Our Own Sheet Metal Shop. The upturned edge of a Metal Panel connecting it to the adjacent Panel creates a distinctive vertical line known as a Standing Seam; Which gives this Metal Roofing System its characteristically Contemporary Architectural appearance

Roll Formed Roofing
Dallas Roll Formed Metal Roofing

Roll Formed Metal Standing Seam Panels can be pre-formed at a manufacturing facility, at Our Sheet Metal Shop or Formed on Site.  Site-Formed Panels are Formed from a Roll of Metal coil fed through a special Roll-Forming Machine which crimps the Metal into rigid Panels.  Forming Standing Seam Panels right on the job site offers the Advantage of Speed and Convenience. Otherwise, these Formed Panels of Considerable Length would be Difficult to transport.

Dallas Roll Formed Roofing

Roll Formed Roofing Machine

A Roll Formed Standing Seam Roofing System is an Ideal Choice for Commercial or Residential customers seeking a Contemporary Design for their Commercial or Residential Properties.    

Sleek Lines on a Roof give most structures a Cool, Contemporary Architectural appearance.  Multiple combinations of Panel Widths, Seam Profiles, and Rib Heights offer Great Versatility in Design Styles.  These varying Sizes and Styles of Standing Seam Metal result in Dramatic Visual Effects.

Standing Seam Roofs are known for their Exceptional Durability and Longevity.  These Metal Roofing Systems will Not Crack, Shrink, Erode, or Perforate. And offer Superior Protection Against Fire, High Wind, Flooding, and Hail.  Standing Seam Roofs have Proven to be one of the most Stable and Durable Roofing Systems during Hurricane grade Winds and Hail. Most manufacturers offer Systems Rated for Up to 110mph Wind Uplift or Higher.  Standing Seam Roofing Systems are Ideal for Extreme and Unpredictable Weather Conditions.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems offer Peace of Mind and will last Well Over 50 Years, Requiring virtually No Maintenance.  Contact Alpine Sheet Metal Systems today for a Roll Formed Roofing System.

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