Standing Seam Metal Roofing Fastening

Dallas Standing Seam Metal Roofing FasteningThere are 4 main types of standing seam metal roofing fastening systems, each has their unique benefits. Alpine Sheet Metal Systems can help you choose the best standing seam metal roofing fastening system for your property.

Mechanically-Seamed Standing Seam Metal Roofing Fastening

This form of fastening is the most recommend style because it is one of the fastest systems to install. Each panel has clips and concealed fasteners. This gives them a uniform appearance. In addition, mechanically seamed together after they are attached to the roof using hand crimpers or a special manufacturer-designed machine create a strong and durable roofing system.

If the property has a low-slope roofing design, mechanically-seamed systems are the most efficient. Their material of choice for their projects are both steel or aluminum standing seams.

Nail-Hemmed Standing Seam Metal Roofing Fastening

This standing seam metal roof system involves panels with a raised interlocking seam on the edge. These raised edges have a hidden fastening channel along the length of the side of each panel. Their appearance is similar to vinyl siding panels. The fastening channel appears as elongated holes that allow the fastener to reach inside and lock the two panels together.

Manufacturers create nail-hem panels using various materials and additional coating. Most common materials include stainless steel and aluminum.

Snap-Locked Standing Seam Metal Roofing Fastening

Snap-lock standing seam metal roofing panels the easiest and fastest to install. Snap-lock systems secure the clips on the roof deck and hold the panels in place. Additionally, properties, where hot seasons prevail frequently, have snap-lock panels because they allow full thermal panel movement.

However, unlike mechanically-seamed panels, there is no additional crimping for full seam involved with snap-locked seams. They are also available in steel, aluminum, and galvanized iron metal sheets.

Exposed Fasteners Standing Seam Metal Roofing Fastening

Traditional metal roofing assembles wide metal panels together and locked together with caulk and nails. A standing seam metal roof variant that overlaps sheets and locks them together in the same traditional manner exists.

However, instead of caulk, the exposed screws where it derives its name has a rubber grommet or washer that ensures an airtight seal. They are the cheapest standing seam metal roofing style available. In contrast, they require regular maintenance and screw replacement after 12-15 years in service.

When you are looking for a Dallas standing seam metal roofing system call the team at Alpine Sheet Metal Systems.