Victorian Shingles

Victorian Shingles, Dallas Architectural Sheet MetalWe specialize in Victorian shingles, their restoration, and replacement. Do you have a historic property that needs sheet metal restoration? Call Alpine Sheet Metal Systems on 972-55-METAL Many historically significant properties have made use of sheet metal roof shingles as part of their building’s unique design, and today’s restoration professionals are looking for effective ways to repair and maintain this historic roofing material. With old world craftsmanship and outstanding workmanship, we can restore your property or build you a property with old world charm. We can also bring Victorian charm and style to your new construction.

The invention of galvanization of sheet metals in the 1830s revolutionized the ability to use metal in a wide variety of areas, because it protected metal from corrosion. In 1857, the first galvanized steel roof was used in North America. This type of roofing combined strength and durability with a low weight and low cost; combined with the unique appearance of a metal roof, its popularity increased.

Because of the corrosion resistance, strength and flexibility of galvanized steel, this type of roof is known to last up to 70 years in most cases. The biggest concern that metal roofing has early in its life is denting from debris. Many Victorian metal roof shingle and tiles made of sheet metal still exist in outstanding condition today. This is a testament to their durability.

With over 100 years of experience, we can work with you to choose the best type of metal roofing shingles for your commercial or residential property, whether you are looking to match an existing roofing system or replace your current roof or fabricate a whole new roofing or decorative application. We fabricate victorian shingles and sheet metal roof shingles in a variety of sizes using nearly any sheet metal, including copper, steel, stainless steel, and zinc.

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We also produce stamped metal shingles and ceiling tiles in a wide range of decorative styles to help you achieve a unique, eye-catching aesthetic for your roofing system. In the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) area  Call Alpine Sheet Metal Systems for your historic metal roofing restoration and victorian shingles. We Proudly serve all of Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.