Zinc Metal Roofing

Zinc Metal Roofing has several distinct advantages over steel when it comes to resisting corrosion. Steel roofing is usually galvanized or aluminized, meaning zinc and aluminum coatings are used to protect the material against natural oxidation. While there are which often containing color, can further protect the material against the elements. However, over time the coating breaks down and can become damaged, which can leave the steel exposed and unprotected. The iron in steel reacts with oxygen and moisture, creating iron oxide, also known as rust. Rust is unsightly at best and will eventually lead to the destruction of the roof.

Zinc Metal Roofing is naturally resistant to corrosion and also stands up better to the sun, hail, wind, and rain, a zinc roof has a much longer expected lifespan than a standing seam steel roof. Zink Metal Roofing, when installed by the professionals at Alpine Sheet Metal Systems, can last in excess of 100 years.

Zinc Metal Roofing, Standing Seam Metal Roofing

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Zinc Metal Roofing Panels

Zinc Metal Roofing is extremely flexible which makes it perfect for architectural sheet metal roofing as it can be easily bent into shapes ranging from gradual curves to sharp angles. Because of this unique characteristic, zinc is an excellent choice of material for use in modern architecture and on structures with uniquely shaped rooflines. Zinc Metal Roofing does not use hazardous chemicals during manufacturing and does not require treatment or sealing prior to installation. This means that the runoff from a zinc roof is free of dangerous chemicals and makes a zinc roof an ideal addition to a green building that employs a rainwater collection system. When considering all of the benefits, including corrosion resistant properties, long life, and adaptability to a variety of roof shapes and configurations.  Alpine Sheet Metal Systems can help you with all of your Zinc Metal Roofing Needs.

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