Architectural Sheet Metal Roofing

Alpine Sheet Metal Systems has been Specializing in Commercial and Residential Architectural Sheet Metal Roofing Systems for 20 Years.  Our Metal Masters Hand Craft All of our Metal applications in Our Local Sheet Metal Shop.  Alpine Sheet Metal Systems technicians are True Artisans. Many of our techniques have been passed down through several generations of Metal Masters.  Although we implement the Latest Cutting-Edge Technology into all our divisions, we take Great Pride in this Time-Honored Artisan Tradition.  In addition to traditional Sheet Metal Roofing Systems (Standing Seam, Shingle, Tile and Shake) Our Metal Masters can Create Any Type of Contemporary Architectural Metal Installation, Replicate Any Historical Metal Feature or Provide a Complete Historic Roofing Restoration.  

Architectural Sheet Metal Installations Include (but are not limited to): Metal Shingles, Tiles, Shakes, Fish Scales – Panels – Coping – Flashing – Architectural Drainage Systems & Rain Gutters, Downspouts, Decorative Leader Heads – Chimney Caps – and Much More.

More than 100 Years of combined Tradition, Quality, Hand Craftsmanship and Attention to Fine Details.

Alpine Sheet Metal Systems Technicians are IMETCO and MBCI Certified Installers.  Our Metal Masters Specialize in Custom Architectural Metal Designs – Metal Roofing Systems Fabrication & Installation – Metal Wall Panels – Metal Drainage Systems and Rain Gutter Fabrication & Installation – Custom Ventilation Systems – Custom Chimney Caps – Metal Fences, Gates and Arbors – Custom Metal Water Features – Repairs – and Emergency Services.  

Masters of All Things Metal…

Copper – Zinc – Steel – Stainless Steel – Galvanized Steel – Aluminum – Tin – Brass – Iron

Our entire Team of Craftsmen, Project Managers, Installers and Customer Service Advisers work closely with Commercial Property Owners – Project Management Companies – Homeowner Associations – Multi-Family Property Owners – Insurance Agencies – and Homeowners. (Project Conception To Completion.)

Aluminum Architectural Sheet Metal Roofing

Alpine Sheet Metal Systems has been Fabricating and Installing Commercial and Residential Aluminum Roofing Systems for 20 years.  Aluminum Roofing Systems are Durable and often Endure the Lifetime of a Structure. They can Last for Many Years with Minimal Signs of Wear and Tear.  Aluminum Roofs Withstand the Harshest of Storms Mother Nature can throw at them, while Retaining their Beautiful Appearance. Although Aluminum is Lighter than Steel or Copper it compares in Strength.  These Systems are Easy and Less Expensive to transport and Install. Aluminum is also an Environmentally Friendly Roofing choice.  90% of all Aluminum Roofing supplies are made from Recycled Materials and can be Recycled when no longer in use.

 Interlocking Aluminum Roofing Shingles can be purchased in standard Square and Rectangular Shingles or Custom Handcrafted in a Wide Variety of Shapes & Designs to Compliment Any Architectural Style.  These Aluminum Shingles connect on all sides to form a Strong, Durable Barrier against Wind, Rain, Hail, Fire and other Harsh Weather Conditions. The flexibility of Aluminum lends itself to mimic many Roofing types, including (Tile, Shake, Standing Seams and Shingles).  Aluminum Roofing is available in a Multitude of Colors, Commercial Finishes, Textures, and Patterns; Transforming the shiny metallic appearance into Natural Textures such as Wood, Stone and Clay Tiles.  Aluminum Roofing Shingles are a Great Roofing Solution to Extreme Weather Conditions

Copper Architectural Sheet Metal Roofing

Copper has played a role in Architecture for Thousands of years (as far back as the Ancient Egyptians) Copper Architectural Roofing is a popular choice for Designers, Architects and Builders due to its Aesthetic Beauty, Durability and Prestige.  Copper Architectural Roofing Systems are inherently Strong and Resistant to rust.  These Systems will naturally “Patina” over time. “Patina” or (Oxidation) is the chemical reaction to oxygen, moisture, climate and pollution; Resulting in the Beautiful shades of Green produced over several months and years.  This “Aged” look is Highly sought after by Designers, Architects, Artists, Business and Home Owners. Several Iconic Historical Palaces, Cathedrals, Homes and Landmarks still maintain their original Copper Roofing Systems today.

An Architectural Copper Roofing System can turn a Traditional Home or Commercial Property into a Beautiful Architectural Marvel.  Copper Roofing can be Fabricated into Standing Seam Panels, Wall Panels, Shingles, Tiles, Shake, Fish Scale, Architectural Designs, Ornamental Features, Drainage Systems, Rain Gutters and more.

An Architectural Copper Roofing System can prove to be a Wise Economical choice in the long term due to the Durability and Longevity of this Beautiful Ancient Metal.

Stainless Steel Architectural Sheet Metal Roofing

Stainless Steel Roofing Systems are a popular choice due their Strength and Durability.  A Stainless Steel Roof will withstand impacts from Hail, High Winds, Fires and Violent storms.  Most Stainless Steel Roofing Systems are Galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion.  A properly installed Stainless Steel Roof is Very Low Maintenance and Extremely Cost Effective.  

Today most Stainless Steel is made from recycled materials, allowing itself to be recycled again at the end of its use.  A Stainless Steel Roof is considered a “Cool Roof” due to its ability to reflect the suns heat away from the structure.  

The lightweight nature of Stainless Steel allows it to be transported and installed with ease.  And a new Stainless Steel Roofing System can often be installed over an existing Roof with few modifications.  Stainless Steel can be easily Fabricated into a multitude of Architectural Features as well. 

Most Stainless Steel Roofing Systems Will Endure the Lifetime of a Structure.

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