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Alpine Sheet Metal Systems Install Metal Roofing Soffit Systems. Metal soffits combine the strength, performance and good looks of premium grade aluminum. Unlike wood, aluminum doesn’t rot, plus it resists insects and fire making it a trusted, low-maintenance choice for your home. You can choose from solid and vented options in durable finishes and a variety of matching and coordinating colors.

Completely sealing off the interior of your home from the outside might seem like a good idea, but it actually can lead to air quality issues and even damage to your home’s interior. Instead, you want to ensure the exterior of your home is designed with proper ventilation in mind.

Soffit and fascia are two important elements of a proper roof system when it comes to ventilation. Soffits are the boards under your roof eaves while fascias run parallel along your roof, where gutters are placed. While fascia is important for both sealing off the soffit and aesthetics, the soffit itself is what provides ventilation to the attic.

Soffit comes in two forms: vented and non-vented. The difference between vented and non-vented soffit is usually easy to see (vented soffit has holes while non-vented does not). You could use a combination of both vented and non-vented soffit on your home for proper ventilation, depending on how much ventilation you need.

Aluminum Roofing Systems provide Residential and Commercial Property owners Great Flexibility in Design and Form.  Enabling one to Create Unique and Dramatic Roofing System Designs. Aluminum can be Crafted into Shingles – Wall Panels – Shakes – Tiles – Standing Seams and Architectural Features.

Copper is one of the more Aesthetically Pleasing and Durable Architectural Drainage and Gutter materials.  Copper Drainage and Gutters are inherently Strong and Resistant to rust.  Copper Drainage and Gutter Systems will naturally “Patina” over time.  “Patina” or (Oxidation) is the chemical reaction to oxygen, moisture, climate and pollution; Resulting in the Beautiful shades of Green produced over several months and years.  This “Aged” look is Highly sought after by Designers, Architects, Artists, Business and Homeowners.

Interlocking Aluminum Roofing Shingles can be purchased in standard Square and Rectangular Shingles or Custom Handcrafted in a Wide Variety of Shapes & Styles to Compliment Any Architectural Design. These Aluminum Shingles connect on all sides to form a Strong, Durable Barrier against Wind, Rain, Hail, Fire and other Harsh Weather Conditions. The flexibility of Aluminum lends itself to mimic many Roofing types, including (Tile, Shake, Standing Seam and Shingles). Aluminum Roofing is available in a Multitude of Colors, Commercial Finishes, Textures, and Patterns; Transforming the shiny metallic appearance into Natural Textures such as Wood, Stone and Clay Tiles. Aluminum Roofing Shingles are a Great Roofing Solution to Extreme Weather Conditions

Standing Seam Aluminum Roofing Systems feature Panels in Various Forms and Profiles fastened or clipped together underneath providing a Clean, Seam-Free Look.  They are placed vertically on the Roof and Sealed to Prevent Moisture from leaking inside. Aluminum Panels can be Custom Fabricated in Our Sheet Metal Shop or Roll Formed on the building site.  Although flashing’s are designed to keep water on top of the Panels, Sealants and Underlayments should Always be used as backup to Prevent Leaks from Rain, Snow and Ice. All Sealed Roofing Systems require Adequate Ventilation Systems built into their Design to Prevent Moisture Accumulation to Ensure the Health of the Entire Roofing System and Structure.

Alpine Sheet Metal Systems has been Fabricating and Installing Aluminum Roofing Systems for 20 Years. We not only Serve the Dallas / Ft Worth Metro Area, we Proudly Serve All of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Alabama. For a Complimentary Consultation

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