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Alpine Sheet Metal Systems is the Sheet Metal industries Leading Dallas Commercial Metal Roofing Company.  We Install, Fabricate, Maintain, and Repair Commercial Metal Roofing Systems in All types of Metal and Architectural Styles.  Compared to other Commercial Roofing Systems, Commercial Metal Roofing has Superior Durability, Longevity, Energy Efficiency and is Environmentally Friendly. Commercial Metal Roofing is Architecturally and Aesthetically Appealing as well.

Daily Operational Costs can weigh on the Success of a Business.  Low Maintenance Costs, Energy Conservation and Reliable/Durable Facilities Contribute to this Success.  A Commercial Metal Roofing System can Save Up To 40% in Energy Costs. A “Cool Roofing” Coating (ENERGY STAR® listed and Cool Roof Certified by the Cool Roof Rating Council) applied to a Metal Roofing System will Reflect the Suns Heat Away from the structure.

Commercial Metal Roofing Systems are a Wise Investment in your Business as materials are Significantly More Durable, Energy Efficient and Environmentally Conscious in comparison to other Commercial Roofing options.  A Commercial Facility with a Metal Roofing System will save on Maintenance Costs, Resale Value and Insurance Premium Discounts. With over 100 years of combined Experience in Metal Roofing Systems, Our Metal Masters Time Honored Metal Traditions and Attention to the Fine Details are Unparalleled.   These Metal Crafting Techniques have been passed down through Multiple Generations. Our Metal Artisans Create Any style of Architectural Metal Feature to Compliment and Showcase your Commercial Metal Roofing System. Be a Stand Out in your Urban Jungle!

Alpine Sheet Metal Systems Fabricates Metal Roofing Systems, Metal Wall Panels, Architectural Metal Features, Decorative Designs and Drainage Systems.  Metal can be incorporated into Contemporary, Traditional and Historical Commercial Properties. Our Metal Masters will Completely Restore Any Historical Facility to its former Grandeur.  Most Commercial Metal Roofing Systems Will Withstand the Test of Time.

Alpine Sheet Metal Systems in Dallas will Fabricate and Install Any type of Commercial Metal Roofing System.  We Specialize in Metal ShinglesStanding Seam Metal Roofing, Metal Tiles, Metal Panels and Architectural Metal Features.  Our Metal Materials include: Copper, Aluminum, Zinc, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, Iron and Brass.  Alpine Sheet Metal Roofing Systems is your Dallas Commercial Metal Roofing Provider

  • Long Life Span – Unlike other Commercial Roofing materials, Metal Roofs will Not Crack, Shrink or Erode over time.
  • Durability – Commercial Metal Roofing is designed to Withstand the Wear and Tear caused by Heavy Rain, High Winds and Fire.  A Metal Roof will Reduce the Weight and Damage from Snow allowing it to Slide Off, Preventing Leaks and further Damage from Heavy Snow Loads.
  • Energy Efficiency – Metal Roofing is one of the Most Energy Efficient Roofing Systems available. Heating and Cooling Costs may be Reduced by 40% or More!
  • Environmentally Friendly – In Addition to Reducing Energy usage, Metal Roofing is 100% Recyclable and contains No Petroleum-Based Materials.
  • Low Maintenance – Commercial Metal Roofing Systems are Extremely Durable and require Little to No Maintenance.
  • Design Options – Metal Roofing Systems are available in a Wide Variety of Colors, Architectural Styles and Textures.

Standing Seam Commercial Metal Roofing Systems are often seen on Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Facilities.  Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems are easily recognized by their Straight Vertical Architectural Panels. Standing Seam Metal Roofs can be seen everywhere in a variety of Architectural Styles.

Types of Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems:

  • Field-Locked Standing Seam Systems requiring a Special Seam Locking tool to Lock the Panels Together.
  • Snap-Lock Standing Seam, Locks the Panels together when one side is adjoined to the one next to it.
  • Standing Seam Shingle Based Panels, look like Standing Seam, but are the Vertical Shingle Panels.

Standing Seam Commercial Metal Roofing Systems can be Rolled-Out on site, Custom Fabricated on site or Custom Fabricated in Our Own Sheet Metal Workshop.

Weather Resistance

  • Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems Withstand Winds Over 150 mph. These Panels are Secured and Locked to Structural Panels and Frames, resulting in a Watertight Roofing System.
  • Standing Seam Roofing Systems are Resistant to Impact and Cracking.
  • Protective Finishes Prevent Rusting or Corroding.
  • Standing Seam Roofs are Non-Combustible and Fire Resistant as well.

Reducing Long-Term Maintenance Costs

Research Proves Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems require Little to No Maintenance during the Lifecycle of a Standing Seam Metal Roof.  Many of these Roofing Systems Outlive the Structures they Protect. Rare Repairs are Considerably Easy and Less Costly. Some Insurance Policies give Annual Discounts to Commercial Properties with Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems.

Saving Energy

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems are “Cool” Roofs.  A “Cool” Roofing System Deflects most of the Sun’s Heat rather than Retaining it.  Special Emissive Coatings allow them to Re-Emit most of the Small amounts of Energy they may absorb. With Proper Ventilation and Insulation Systems, a Standing Seam Metal Roofing System will serve as a Vital Component of your Commercial Building’s Thermal Enclosure System.