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Alpine Sheet Metal Systems Creates Architectural Drainage and Gutter Systems by Hand in our Own Sheet Metal Shop. A Custom-Built Drainage System will Protect your Residential property

Alpine Sheet Metal Systems install Copper roofing and Roofing accessories throughout it’s service area. Copper offers a unique character and durability that no other metal roof can match. Its appearance can complement any residential or commercial style of building, from the traditional to the modern. Its warmth and beauty make it a preferred material for many architects. The use of copper is based upon traditional practices proven over many years. There are numerous examples of copper roofs which have been in place one or more centuries. Copper’s resistance to the elements ranks among the highest of modern roofing materials.

When properly designed and installed by the experts at Alpine Sheet Metal Systems, your copper roof will provides an economical, long-term roofing solution. Its low life cycle costs are attributable to the low maintenance, long life and salvage value of copper. Unlike many other metal roofing materials, copper requires no painting or finishing. Through its natural weathering process, the warm bronze tones can be expected to lead to the elegant green patina finish. There are also a number of methods available to retard or accelerate the weathering process.

Residential or Commercial Property from Devastating Water Damage.

All our Licensed, Insured and Accredited Metal Masters produce a High-Quality drainage system to protect your property. Whether it be the unpredictability of Mother Nature – Deterioration from age – Neglect – Poor Design – Improper Installation – Repair – or a much needed Update; Alpine Sheet Metal System’s Experienced Experts will Guide you through the process from Beginning to End. We Hand Create drainage and gutter systems in Any Type of Metal to match Any Architectural Style. We specialize in Historical Structures as well.

Alpine Sheet Metal Systems is The Leading DFW Architectural Drainage and Gutter Specialist.
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Alpine Sheet Metal Systems take particular care in the athletics of your roofing design. We install the right fastening system for your particular roofing application. All fasteners should be of galvanically compatible metals, such as copper, copper alloys, like brass or bronze or neutral stainless steel alloy. Washers or Expansion shields, when necessary, must also be of galvanically compatible or neutral materials. Copper, copper alloy, lead, rubber and plastics are all common.

This is the most commonly used method, because it allows the copper to move, minimizing the potential for buckling. Cleats are usually made of 16 oz. copper, although they need not be heavier than the material being secured. Cleats made of compatible stainless steel are also acceptable. Two types of cleats are used. Fixed cleats allow a small amount of movement, while expansion cleats typically allow up to 3/4″ total movement.

This method is predominantly used where movement is not desired, such as at a base flashing at built-up roofs, gravel stops, and eave strips. Nailing is used only on cleats and copper strips up to 12″ wide. Only one edge of a strip should be nailed, to allow movement perpendicular to the line of nailing. Nails should be spaced no more than 3″ O.C. to provide continuous resistance to thermal stresses. All nails should be flathead, wire slating nails, at least 1″ long, of not less than 12 gauge hard copper, brass, or bronze.

This method is used where the copper must be held rigidly in place, such as at a ridge cap subject to the severe vibrations caused by wind, or as a hold-down for large, flat copper areas. It is also used to secure copper to masonry when expansion shields are required. Screws should be made of stainless steel, bronze, or brass. They should have round heads, and flat seats which will not puncture the copper. Galvanically compatible metal washers may be used for additional protection.