Victorian – Oxford Shingles

Whether you are restoring a property or just want the charm and sofistication of a bigon era Alpine Sheet Metal Systems have you covered. Oxford Shingle has the popular look of architectural shingles, but with long-lasting beauty and efficiency unmatched by fiberglass shingles. Owners of homes ranging in style from historic Victorian and Colonial to Cape Cod and Contemporary choose Oxford Shingle for its crisp, clean lines and symmetry. Oxford Shingle blends with any architectural style and in any neighborhood. While conducive to shedding winter snowloads, the low profile panels feature a heat-reflective coating that keeps homes cooler in summer and reduces air conditioning expense.

The Flexibility of Aluminum Roofing

The Victorian stamped shingle is definitely closer to the very specific niche end of the scale. Because of this very few companies still manufacture Victorian stamped shingles, but they still have their place.

From the 1880s to the 1920s, metal shingles — mostly tin — were very popular because of their light weight, fire resistance, low maintenance, and relatively low cost. Shingles weren’t always stamped — early shingles were handmade by metal craftsmen from tin and terne. Just before the turn of the century, manufacturers started stamping shingles, and eventually, galvanized iron and steel became popular materials from which to manufacture shingles.

Today, Victorian stamped shingles are used mainly on historical restoration projects, where building owners want to retain the original look, or regain a look that may have been removed or covered up in favor of a different roofing material. More than 100 years ago, the stamped shingles were popular in both institutional and residential applications.

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